Calculation of air heating: basic principles + calculation example
Installation of a heating system is impossible without preliminary calculations. The information obtained must be as accurate as possible,
Heating and hot water supply of an apartment building: getting acquainted with the open heat supply scheme
The heart of the heat supply system is the elevator unit. Today we have to find out how the water supply and
Fuel consumption rates Gazelle Next
How much gas does a gas stove consume: how to calculate gas consumption
If a meter is not installed in the house, then when determining the amount of fuel consumed, the norm is taken into account
Heating connection diagram in an apartment: which one to choose
External inspection of the heating system Unfortunately, they are making a heating system at home so that it can be
Electric boiler KOTERM EOU 6 kW (up to 120 m²) with automation
EOU 6kW 220V for houses up to 110 M2 (with automation) Electrode-type heating boiler
Gas holder for a private home - pros and cons, price, calculation, is it profitable?
In a series of articles we will talk about different types of gas holders. What dictates their design features, why
Collector heating system
Collector heating system for a private house: main components, installation, materials
For heating individual residential buildings, single-pipe and two-pipe systems with natural or
Which liquid to choose for heating a private home - using anti-freeze
In order to provide your home with constant heat, as it turns out in practice, you need not
How is the heating of non-residential premises in an apartment building calculated?
Connecting heat supply in an apartment building Before organizing heat supply to non-residential premises, you need to make
How to measure the temperature in an apartment, where to go
Living in a multi-storey building, we depend on central networks for almost everything. It's good if
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