What to do if a neighbor connected a heated floor and left you without hot water. Complaint to the Criminal Code and other authorities
Home / Situations Back Published: 01/19/2022 Reading time: 7 min 0 269 –
Coal combustion temperature in a boiler and furnace: properties of different types of fuel
Today, there are several types of solid fuels that are used as an energy carrier. So
TOP 10 best fireplace stoves for long-burning summer cottages: 2020-2021 rating of cast iron wood-burning models and description of their parameters
Summer residents spend almost half their lives on their plots, going to apartments only when
How to connect an Ariston gas boiler: recommendations for installation, connection, configuration and first start-up
First start-up JWhen installing the boiler indoors, make sure that all conditions related to
Which wall-mounted gas boilers should you not buy?
Booster Summary This is very rare and expensive equipment. If you intend to buy it, then
Boiler in a private house
Boilers for heating a private house: types, features + how to choose the best
Boilers for heating a private home: types, features + how to choose the best Select boilers wisely
Scheme of a single-circuit heating system
Gas wall-mounted boilers with one circuit - features and connection
A boiler is a heat-generating device responsible for, as a rule, autonomous and uninterrupted operation of engineering
imbalance of expenses
Why do the readings of the flow meters on the supply and return do not agree?
Sep 8 Our service department regularly receives questions related to expense imbalances. How
Indirect heating boiler is a real cost saving
An indirect heating boiler is considered the most economical and practical for heating water, since it
How does a draft sensor work on a gas water heater?
How geyser sensors work: draft, heating, gas
A modern geyser is a reliable device that can be used without fear for people’s health,
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