Radiators and heated floors - working together, how it is ensured and regulated
Creating a comfortable microclimate is the main task of any type of heating. In our country for a long time
Bypass valve with fittings
What is a bypass (overflow) valve, how to choose and install it correctly with your own hands?
The bypass valve normalizes the pressure in the pipeline. Control valves redirect the energy carrier to an additional circuit of the main line
Do-it-yourself repair of Vector Lux geysers: common breakdowns + tips for fixing them
Vector geyser repair: causes of problems Chinese Vector geysers are one of the most
How to set up the bypass of the TIM JH-1036 mixing unit
The TIM JH-1036 pumping and mixing group has an adjustable bypass. There is a scale with gradation from 0 to
The radiator in the apartment does not heat well: where to go, what to do if it is barely warm, the law
Cats don't sleep on cold radiators. The efficiency of the entire system directly depends on the performance of the boiler.
Metal-plastic pipe for heating - choose the diameter, carry out installation
Installation of a heating system using metal-plastic pipes Metal-plastic pipes easily change shape and are quite convenient
Pressure testing of a heated floor system
Methods for testing heating systems: hydraulic, thermal, pneumatic
Testing of heating and heat supply systems Testing of the heating system is carried out after completion of installation work. But
At what temperature outside can batteries in the house freeze?
At what temperature does water freeze? Everyone remembers from school that the ice crust
Polypropylene reinforced pipes in the heating system
Polypropylene pipe reinforced with glass fiber - what is it, types, comparison, installation options
When arranging autonomous heating and hot water supply, it is extremely important to correctly select materials for the pipeline.
How to make a damper for a chimney. Damper chimney homemade.
Chimney damper: what is it, what is it for, types of dampers, how to make and install a damper with your own hands
Purpose To understand why a damper is needed in a smoke exhaust system, you need to study the scope of application of the device.
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